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A cyber attack on Nvidia is said to have ‘totally compromised’ the company

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According to a fresh report from The Telegraph, components of America’s largest microchip manufacturer were forced offline for two days. As per the source, a malicious network breach has “totally corrupted” Nvidia’s internal systems, which have been experiencing disruptions since the middle of the week.

Based on the article, it’s unknown whether any data from Nvidia or its clients was stolen or erased, or if the attack just damaged its systems. “We’re investigating an incident,” an Nvidia official told the magazine. “At this point, we don’t have any other information to share.”

Nvidia likely decided to take down its internal systems to minimize the danger of further damage, according to Alan Woodward, a cyber security expert at the University of Surrey, who spoke to The Telegraph. “The most serious risk is that something could have been inserted into one of the software updates,” Dr. Woodward stated. “They’ll be checking over everything to see if anything has been changed in their software that they then distributed to their clients,” says the source.

If the information is correct, the attack will be at least Nvidia’s second major security breach in the last six months. Last summer, the company’s Geforce Now platform yielded a list of hundreds of unreleased videogames, some of which have subsequently been revealed. Currently, there is no indication that Nvidia’s outages are related to the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, the US government has advised businesses to prepare for any cyberattacks on Western enterprises. “We have no intelligence to imply a specific significant cyber threat against the US homeland,” US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas stated last week, “but it is our obligation to be prepared.”