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After DIY iPhone 13 screen replacements, Apple decides not to break Face ID

iPhone 13
iPhone 13 screen repair - (This image was retrieved from pyntax.net)

Before long the iPhone 13 was dispatched, repair specialists observed that swapping out iPhone 13 screens would break Face ID except if you additionally moved over a little control chip from the first screen. 

It’s an intricate cycle that makes one of the most widely recognized sorts of fixes restrictively hard for independent fix shops. (Apple-approved fix shops, then again, approach a product apparatus that can cause a telephone to acknowledge another screen.) For independent fix shops, things might get simpler soon, nonetheless, as Apple tells The Verge it will deliver a product update that doesn’t expect you to move the microcontroller to keep Face ID working after a screen swap.

The current exchange technique seems to be very difficult, requiring time, extraordinary hardware, and the capacity to micro solder. For some, independent fix shops that might depend on screen fixes as a critical line of income, the interaction is reasonably restrictively troublesome and could be harmful to their business. iFixit detailed the circumstance in an article last week, and you can watch a video of the microcontroller move process here.

Apple didn’t determine precisely when the product update will be available.