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Apple has issued iOS 15.1.1, which includes bug patches for the iPhone 12 and 13 models

Apple iPhone 12
iPhone 12 - (This image was retrieved from forbesimg.com)

Apple has launched iOS 15.1.1, which includes bug patches that are only available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. 

This update arrives about a month after iOS 15.1 was released, which introduced SharePlay. Meanwhile, Apple is beta-testing iOS 15.2, which includes a slew of new features and modifications targeted at improving user privacy and security. On iPhone 12 and 13 models, iOS 15.1.1 enhances call drop performance. To take advantage of the most recent updates, it is recommended that all users install this update.

Apple’s release notes give no indication of anything other than the bug patches we’ve already mentioned. It’s uncertain if there will be any more changes as a result of this release. If you’re on iOS 15.2 and are on the beta release channel, you won’t get iOS 15.1.1. Apple has either already corrected these issues in beta 3 or will do so in beta 4 in a week or two.

iOS 15.2 is scheduled to be released to the public in a month or two. We don’t expect any substantial changes in this x.x.1 update because it’s an x.x.1 update. If you want to try out new features before the stable release of iOS 15.2, you can sign up for the public beta on Apple’s website right now. However, we do not recommend running beta software on everyday drivers because features may fail or malfunction at any time.