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Automate reconnaissance with Quasar

Quasar is a penetration testing tool utilized for data gathering reasons. The system can accumulate web-related data, email address information, telephone numbers record, credit cards’ bank data, ports record, and IP geo-data. The website information that can be gathered with Quasar incorporates DNS records, WHOIS information, GeoIP data, subnet data, site status (up/down), and robots.txt data. 

The email address checker option is utilized to discover usernames, service provider, MX record accessibility, SMTP status, and nature of email administration regardless of whether it is free or premium. The telephone record checker option offered by Quasar is equipped for discovering profitable telephone number-related data, for example, number legitimacy, nation code, nation name, area, telephone number carrier, and line type. Credit cards’ BIN checker is another critical component of Quasar. BIN (Bank Information Number) are initial 4 to 8 numbers on Credit Cards that give relevant data like issuing nation, brand, credit card type, schema, and card length.

To install Quasar, copy the tool from the Github https://github.com/TunisianEagles/quasar page using the following command.

Ex: (root@kali:/opt# git clone https://github.com/TunisianEagles/quasar.git).


Navigate to the “quasar” folder and run the installer.

Ex: (root@kali:/opt/quasar# bash install.sh).

To start Quasar use the following command: (root@kali:/opt/quasar# ./quasar.sh).

Quasar 2

Let’s gather some information based on the target’s phone number. To do so, use the option “3” and provide the target’s phone number. Once you hit “Enter,” Quasar will get all possible information related to that phone number.

Quasar 3

Apart from phone number information, penetration testers can use Quasar for finding useful information about emails, websites, geo-locations, and more. The combination of third-party tools like Socialbox and Fluxion with Quasar makes the framework more valuable.