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DNS enumeration using DNSEnum

DNSEnum is another tool for locating all DNS servers and DNS entries for an organization. Use DNSenum to scan your server to see which information is publicly available.

To start using this tool, type “dnsenum” in the terminal and specify the domain name you want to enumerate. Only do this with a server that you have permission to scan. This guide will use hackthissite.org, which is a site designed for testing pen-testing tools.

Ex: (root@kali:~# dnsenum hackthissite.org).

DNSEnum, dns, enumeration

DNSenum is an excellent tool for gathering data. Information is the key to understanding and preventing attacks. In many cases, security breaches occur because something was ignored. The more you acquainted with your server, the better prepared you are to avoid a violation.


  • Untrusted hosts should not be able to transfer zones.
  • Ensure that in the DNS zone files of publicly accessible DNS servers, private hostnames are not referenced to IP addresses.
  • Make use of high-end registration services.