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DNS enumeration using DNSRecon

DNSRecon is a python script utilized for DNS data gathering. DNS data about an objective is a fundamental prerequisite for each security analyzer. DNS data helps in mapping the system framework of the objective host. DNSRecon can play out an assortment of identifications, for example, standard record enumeration, Zone transfer, Reverse lookup, Google lookup, Zone walking, cache snooping, and Domain Brute-Forcing. In the standard record enumeration, DNSRecon fetches records like SOA, SRV, DNSSec, and MX records.

Running DNSRecon is very simple, type “dnsrecon” anywhere in the terminal and hit “Enter.” When no parameters are given, this will display all available options and usage information.

DNSRecon, dns, enumeration

To perform simple DNS enumeration, we need to specify the domain (-d), and the type (-t) of enumeration you want to accomplish.

Ex: (root@kali:~# dnsrecon -d hackthissite.org -t axfr).

DNSRecon 2