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Drivers may now turn their Teslas into megaphones thanks to a new Tesla update

Tesla megaphone
Retrieved from geekculture.co

Tesla has added an additional option that allows owners to transform their vehicles into megaphones as part of its annual holiday software update.

According to Electrek, the update is only accessible in current Tesla vehicles (2019 or later). This is due to the fact that the functionality relies on external speakers, which were added in current Tesla vehicles in order to comply with US requirements. These rules state that electric automobiles, which are generally quiet, must be able to warn people of their existence at low speeds.

The functionality is demonstrated in the video below, which shows the external speakers echoing anything that the driver says with a short delay and a noise distortion. It is unclear whether or not this deformation can be altered or eliminated.

This isn’t the first time Tesla’s exterior speakers have been put to inventive use. Owners may substitute the standard horn sound with any creative audio recording in the Boombox option, which was added in last year’s holiday update, and the Sentry option, which allows owners to broadcast live video from the vehicles’ external cameras, also features a remote audio capability.

Tesla released a statement saying that, in addition to introducing new features to its vehicles, it will be deleting a functionality that allowed drivers to play computer games while driving. A megaphone, on the other hand, should be less distracting than an amazing breakout.