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FOCA - Fingerprinting organizations with collected archives

FOCA (Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives) is an apparatus utilized principally to discover metadata and shrouded data in the documents it scans. These archives might be on-site pages and can be downloaded and broke down with FOCA. It is equipped for investigating a wide assortment of files, with the most well-known being Microsoft Office, Open Office, or PDF documents. It likewise examines Adobe InDesign or SVG records too. 

These archives are scanned for utilizing three conceivable web indexes: Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The entirety of the outcomes from the three motors adds up to a lot of documents. It is likewise conceivable to add local records to remove the EXIF data from graphic files, and a complete examination of the data found through the URL is led even before downloading the file.

To download the tool, visit the following link: “https://www.elevenpaths.com/labstools/foca/index.html.”


Let’s install FOCA and create a new project.


Specify your project name and provide the domain website that you want to pull metadata from, and then click the “Create” button.


Next, select the document types you want to search for or click on the “Search All” button to search for everything.


After the searching process is complete, FOCA will display all gathered information in the dashboard panel.


With all information extricated from all records, FOCA matches data trying to distinguish which archives have been made by a similar group and what servers and customers might be inferred from them.