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Network statistics tool Darkstat

Darkstat is a cross-platform, lightweight, straightforward, real-time network statistics tool that captures system traffic, computes statistics concerning utilization, and generates reports over HTTP.

Starting Darkstat is very simple, type the “darkstat” in the terminal of your Kali machine, and it’ll display the usage information with some useful options that can be implemented.

darkstat 1

Let’s perform fundamental traffic analysis on a specific interface.

Ex: (root@kali:~# darkstat -i eth0).

Once you hit “Enter,” it’ll start the sniffing process, and you can access the Darkstat web interface by going to the” URL page. When you sign into the Darkstat URL page, you’ll see a static diagram. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can click to enable auto-reload, so the charts automatically update.

darkstat 2

If you click on the “hosts” tab, you’ll get a rundown of all hosts on the system that has endeavored to reach the server.

darkstat 3

If you click on the IP addresses, you’ll be presented with some information regarding the open ports on the remote hosts and the hosts on the local network.

darkstat 4

Darkstat works superbly in keeping you up to date concerning what system traffic is hitting your server. Plus, you’d be unable to locate a less complicated system monitoring device for a Linux server.