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PulseTV has reported that 200,000 credit cards information might be stolen


PulseTV, a popular online business in the United States, has revealed a significant fraudulent credit card operation. Over 200,000 customers have been affected, according to the notice letter filed with the Maine Attorney General’s office. On March 8, 2021, the organization received notification of a suspected breach from VISA, which alerted them that fraudulent credit card transactions were actually occurring on the site. PulseTV was unable to find any concerns on its e-commerce website after performing security screening and malware scanning.

Nevertheless, law enforcement notified them just several months later about credit card hacks that were believed to have originated from pulsetv.com, indicating that the issue had remained. The organization retaliated by conducting a second round of inquiries, this time enlisting the help of a third-party expert. The investigators discovered that the website had been recognized as a single place of purchase for a lot of fraudulent credit card transactions for MasterCard on November 18, 2021.

According to conversations with the card companies, it is suspected that only clients who purchased things on the website using a credit card from November 1, 2019, and August 31, 2021, might’ve been exposed.

The following is a list of the types of data that could have been compromised: Full name, Email address and shipping information, Card information, The expiration date of a credit card, Security code for a credit card (CVV), and Security code for a credit card (CVV)

The details provided above are all that are necessary for card-not-present purchases used during online purchasing. Customers who purchased from PulseTV during the indicated breach timeframe should keep a close eye on their bank statements for any fraudulent activities. The company also stated that it is replacing payment systems, implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) across all accounts, and implementing endpoint security solutions for better network transparency and attack prevention.

PulseTV states that its analyses found no evidence of a system breach. They were, however, the focal point for a slew of illicit transactions. This makes it difficult to tell whether a well-hidden skimmer was installed on the site or if the cards were taken from other merchants and solely used for buying on PulseTV. Fraudulent credit cards were also used to purchase products that were already shipped to package couriers and then sold for cash.