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R3con1z3r - Lightweight web recon tool

R3con1z3r is a lightweight Web information gathering device with instinctive highlights written in python. It gives a fantastic environment wherein an open-source environment (OSINT) online footprinting can be led rapidly and altogether. Footprinting is the main period of moral hacking; it’s the accumulation of each conceivable data concerning the objective. 

R3con1z3r is a passive surveillance apparatus with implicit functionalities that incorporates: HTTP header banner, Traceroute, Whois Foot-printing, DNS data, Site on the same server, Nmap port scanner, Reverse Target and hyperlinks on a site page.

To download the tool, visit the following GitHub page: https://github.com/abdulgaphy/r3con1z3r.”


Copy the downloadable link and clone it into the “/opt” directory.

Ex: (root@kali:/opt# git clone https://github.com/abdulgaphy/r3con1z3r.git).

Navigate to the “r3con1z3r” folder and install the requirements.

Ex: (root@kali:/opt/r3con1z3r# pip install -r requirements.txt).

Then change the permission of the “r3con1z3r.py” file (root@kali:/opt/r3con1z3r# chmod +x r3con1z3r.py) and run the tool using the “python” command (root@kali:/opt/r3con1z3r# python r3con1z3r.py www.example.com).

R3con1z3r 2

The tool, after being provided with necessary inputs, generates an output in HTML format and saves it in the “r3con1z3r” directory.

R3con1z3r 3

Open up the file, and it will provide you with all possible gathered information related to the target website.

R3con1z3r 4

R3con1z3r is a passive reconnaissance tool with built-in functionalities which include: HTTP header flag, Traceroute, Whois Footprinting, DNS information, Site on the same server, Nmap port scanner, Reverse Target and hyperlinks on a webpage.