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Whois Lookup - footprinting

Footprinting is an ethical hacking procedure of gathering data about the objective and its condition. It is a pre-assault stage, and most significant efforts are deployed to ensure that the activities conducted are executed under stealth and the target can’t follow back you. Footprinting is a first and essential advance because, after this, a penetration tester knows how the hacker sees this system.

Visit the http://whois.domaintools.com/ website and type any domain name in the search bar then hit “Enter.” The Whois lookup tool will present you with all the necessary information regarding the target domain name.

Whois lookup, footprinting
Whois lookup 2

Good data gathering can make the difference between a successful pentest and one that has failed to provide maximum benefit to the client. It incorporates:

· Registration details of the site, contact details.

· Email harvesting.

· Discovering the objective’s IP address and determine the network range.

· Distinguish dynamic machine, DNS record, subdomains.

· Operating system fingerprinting.

· Discovering login pages, sensitive directory.

· Discover any known vulnerability for that specific version.

WHOIS allows us to access information about the target, including Registration Detail, IP address, contact information containing the address, Email ID, phone number. It also displays the domain owner and the domain registrar.